Alternative to Liposuction – Painless and Effective Non-surgical Treatments

Many people seek an alternative to liposuction due to the associated risks and complications from the liposuction procedure

alternative-to-liposuctionAnother thing is that they are concerned with the surgical procedures, lengthy post-surgical recoveries and complications specifically related to anesthesia.

Since it is a surgery, liposuction is a sort of painful procedure. Nonetheless, the pains can be borne, but what about the swelling and bruising caused by this invasive treatment?

According to the expert doctors, if the affected area wrapped tightly, the swelling subsides. So the commonly asked question is that is there any option regarding liposuction surgery? The answer to this question is yes!

There are safe and effective, alternative to liposuction procedures.

Some of them are given as follows.

1. Thermage-

Thermage is the laser lipo technique, the first alternative to liposuction in which heated lasers are used to melt the excessive fat and tighten the collagen of the patient. This procedure is also called as SmartLipo or laser-assisted liposuction.

It is best and effective way of tightening the skin on various body parts and the face. That is why this procedure is commonly used for face lifting. However, some patients complain that they experience burning, tingling and soreness along the jaw line for many weeks. Otherwise, Thermage is a useful non-invasive procedure.

2. Lipodissolve-

Lipodissolve is the non-invasive liposuction procedure in which a mixture of enzymes and medication known as lipostabil is injected into the fatty tissue to break down and dissolve the fatty tissue, and thereby excreted out of the body through urine.

This procedure is recommended for elimination of excess fat on the face, neck, and chin areas. Lipodissolve induce some minor yet temporal side-effects such as bruising, formation of lumps beneath the skin, dizziness or fainting after the treatment.

Nevertheless, it is suggested that you should follow only an authorized and experienced health practitioner to avoid these minor issues.

3. Mesotherapy-

This is the third alternative to liposuction, non-surgical and homeopathic method.

In this process an injection of cocktail comprised of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics, is injected to the area of unwanted fat to reduce cellulite.

This is much more effective and safe method in order to get rid of extra deposited fat from bigger parts of the body. Excluding the momentary side-effects like soreness and bruising, this treatment is good for sculpting the body, losing the weight, eliminating the cellulite and reducing the fat.

4. Liposelection-

Next alternative to liposuction is liposelection, which is also known as Vaser Liposuction where ultrasonic sound waves are used to liquefy or emulsify the fat by injecting a liquid to the fatty areas. The emulsified fat is extracted by using suction device and massage. This method is done without any anesthesia, so there is no need of hospitalization due to quick recovery and it is less painful too.

Apart from these, herbal remedies are also available as an alternative to liposuction. Seaweed wraps is another option for non-surgical liposuction procedure. Even though FDA does not recommend it, yet it is popular among people owing to its positive results. Secondly, it does not induce any stress and trauma.

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