Belly Fat Reduction


The fat that gathers around your middle can be a worry due to its irremovable nature. It’s almost always impossible to get rid of belly fat just through exercising and eating healthily. Known as ‘stubborn fat’, there are many reasons why it’s so difficult to lose. With Zeltiq™ CoolSculpting technology from Freeze Fat you can achieve the smooth, toned midriff that you’ve always dreamed of.

Why is reducing belly fat so hard?

  • High calorie diet: Having a high calorie diet of unhealthy foods will significantly increase the fatty deposits around your stomach. If you eat these foods regularly then your ability to burn calories and lose body fat will be diminished.
  • Age: As you age your metabolism slows down and your hormones go through extensive changes. These changes significantly affect the ease with which you can reduce stomach fat.
  • Stress: When you experience stress your body releases an excessive amount of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes your body to retain weight around the stomach.
  • Childbirth: After childbirth the muscles and appearance of the stomach are significantly altered. Weak muscles and weight gained during pregnancy make it very hard to reduce tommy fat.


How can Zeltiq™ CoolSculpting help?

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Zeltiq™ CoolSculpting works through a process of targeted cooling to reduce stomach fat and promote smoothness. Fat cells are effectively frozen causing them to die and ultimately be removed from the body. The procedure is entirely non-invasive and leaves no scars or bruising. Over the course of six, one hour sessions, the fatty deposits in the targeted areas will be severely reduced. When it comes to eliminating abdominal fat there’s no better choice than CoolSculpting from Freeze Fat.

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