Cellulite reduction

Cellulite is occurs when connective tissue of the skin weakens and fat cells push through the skins connecting fibres causing dimpling often referred to as “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance. By heating the skins connective tissue in a non-destructive way, a collagen re-modelling response is triggered where weakened ineffective collagen fibres are replaced by younger, denser and more effective collagen.

In order to reduce cellulite the thermal energy must reach the collage located in the dermis and in the perilobular connective tissue within the subdermal layer. Endymed’s proprietary 3DEEP RF technology reaches into the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers to provide effective collagen tightening and remodelling.

The effects of dermal heating include an immediate effect of collagen structure via the stimulation of neo-collogenesis and results in smoother skin and a more appealing contour via collagen stimulation. This cellulite reduction treatment is a non-invasive procedure with no discomfort or downtime and requires a course of 6 treatments usually in 1-2 week intervals.

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