Cosmetic Weight Loss – the need to lose weight & regain health

Cosmetic weight loss is looked upon as the ideal option for the obese people as dieting and working out may be or may not be beneficial for them.

cosmetic weight loss

cosmetic weight loss

 In this modern world where cosmetic weight loss is a much publicized topic,  where junk and processed food has become the part and parcel of daily life, obesity has surfaced and millions of people deal with this condition desperately.

The obesity leads to overweight issues and the health of the concerned person is at stake. As a result, the person is prone to heart ailments, diabetes, joint problems and in extreme cases cancerous diseases. Sadly speaking, this is not restricted to the aged persons, but children also have fallen prey to the morbid obesity and overweight conditions.

In this sense, losing the weight, for either non cosmetic weight loss purpose or not, becomes an essential thing for the overweight or obese people.

Gastric Bypass –

One of the cosmetic weight loss surgeries is gastric bypass surgery where the stomach size is reduced with which the small intestine is connected. Thus, the food is allowed to bypass the vacant space of the stomach. By doing this, the body absorbs minimal calories from the food.

The gastric bypass surgery patients are advised to follow the regimen of compulsory diet and daily exercise to avoid the possible complications. This surgery is advantageous owing to the quickness in recovery once the surgery is performed laparoscopically and the weight loss results are lasting too. However, there is possibility of leakage through the staples that are placed within the stomach region and the internal organs may have injuries.

The Lap Band –

The other cosmetic weight loss surgery includes lap band in which gastric band is applied in an adjustable way. In order to restrict the movement of the food, an inflatable silicone band is bound around the stomach. This gives the person the feeling of filled stomach.

However, there are chances of slipping out of the band from the place which may prove injurious to stomach and it may cause problems with eating like vomiting in case the person has consumed too much food. Since the band is adjustable, many people appreciate the lap band procedure. However, the weight loss results are greater in number in case of gastric bypass as compared to this one.

Liposuction –

This procedure is said to be the most effective and result-oriented cosmetic weight loss procedure practiced throughout the world. In this procedure, the fat tissue accumulated in the bodily regions like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chin or arms is removed.

Although, this procedure is not meant for weight loss directly, yet it removes fat pockets that are hard to eliminate even resorting to strenuous exercise or strict diet. This procedure is popular among the patients of obesity and overweight issue even if it may give rise to momentary lumpiness in the skin and damage to nerves or viscera.

The choice for cosmetic weight loss procedure – conclusion

In a nutshell, the options are numerous like gastric bypass, lap band or liposuction, but considering your physical status, budget and readiness to face the possible complications, you can choose the cosmetic weight loss surgery option. Loosing the weight is necessary by any means; otherwise it may bring out fatal diseases.

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