Fat Reduction Procedures – Which Is the Safest One?

There are many fat reduction procedures which are said to be helpful in reshaping your body to gain a slim and trim figure.


fat-reduction-proceduresThe figure conscious persons are always afraid of getting fat. Indeed, obesity and overweight are the major concerns in this world of luxury where lifestyle has become passive due to less activities and more eating habits of junk or processed foods.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also concerned about these issues and spends much funding by organizing various campaigns to make awareness among the public regarding weight loss and nutritious diet. Still irrespective of the finest governmental policies of ‘fight fatness’, obesity has become the global health problem.

Here are some fat reduction procedures given as follows to get rid of the obesity or overweight issues.

Thermolipolysis –

With the increase in metabolic rate and body temperature, the fat is burnt which becomes the procedure of Thermolipolysis. It is the action of the infrared which activates the deep fat layers to the dermis or superficial tissue layers. The deep visceral fat that is closely related to heart ailments is also eliminated by this process.

Cellular metabolism can be observed through enzyme based processes. In a word, the more increase in the temperature, the speedier will be the metabolic process and thereby the burning of extra calories takes place.

Electrolipolysis –

The next of the fat reduction procedures is known as Electrolipolysis which includes three phases. The first phase involves mild currents juxtaposed with the adipose cells in combination with micro blood vessels. They stimulate the hormone system that creates the enzyme for decomposition of fats. The second phase takes care of the stimulation of the subcutaneous connective tissue via the mild current. As a result, it improves the skin elasticity in a durable way. In the third phase, legs are bound with certain pads. Thus, the leg muscles are strained and restrained frequently so that the pumping action takes place.

Injection Lipolysis –

Fat reduction procedures also include Injection Lipolysis which has become popular among the people in general.

In this procedure, injections are employed to degenerate pockets of body fat. However, many health experts consider this method as unsafe pertaining to exercise and diet.

Lipolysis is normally performed by injecting the mixture which contains lipid acids, plant extracts, enzymes, and some chemicals. The remarkable thing is these injections are not a part of anesthesia, and they are relatively painless. The injection is pierced in the body region where excess fat is stored such as waist, arms, chin, belly, etc. in order to disintegrate the concerned fatty tissue. The treatment is repeated after every interval of four weeks till the result becomes visible.

Liposuction –

This procedure is famous for removing the unwanted fat with the use of surgical setups whereby irrigation and removal of fat is performed via suctioning and the used devices are called as cannulas.

Liposculpture –

It is useful for removing undesirable and stubborn fat stored in the top layers of skin and muscle via the lipo method by employing suction devices. Indeed, Liposculpture is the simplest and safest one among the fat reduction procedures.

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