Non invasive Liposuction – Reduce the Fat without Surgery

There is a growing number of the population willing to undergo non invasive liposuction over its conventional counterpart.

non-invasive-liposuctionThe traditional and timeless regimen is balanced diet and exercise. Generally, if you follow the combo of this regimen in your daily routine, you could never face obesity or overweight issues….well almost “never.”


Indeed, genetics and some biological reasons determine the body mass index (BMI) of the individual. However, some health survey reports that the changed lifestyle, wrong eating habits and inactive daily routine has given rise to fatness among majority of people.

Diet and exercise is purely non-invasive and natural method to get rid of excessive fat by intensifying the metabolism. Many follow this method for their health and slender figure.

They also get succeed in reducing unwanted fat while other fail in the same and go beyond limit. These people concern with specific areas like chin, abdomen where one can hardly notice change in spite of exercise and nutritious food intake.

But this method needs regularity, efforts, and will power.

Now if this traditional method fails to work for non invasive liposuction, you have other non-surgical options to get the desired result.

Diet pills –

We already know that age, hormones, and heredity determine the accumulation of lumpy, dimply patches on the body. Besides this, the food intakes store energy in the form of calories within the body cells. Unless these calories are burnt, the fat gets deposited in the bodily cavities like abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc.

This gives rise to fatness and leads to overweight issues. Here the underlying idea is if you suppress your appetite, then there will be no question of calorie storage or burning them.

Thence, in the market the diet pills are available over-the-counter (OTC) for noninvasive liposuction purpose. Some of these curb your hunger, while the other diet pills work like laxatives in order to stimulate the digestive process so that the consumed food can be expelled in the form of waste.

The diet pills also help in targeting the fat cells and breaking them up and ultimately thrown out of the body. Besides this, the diet pills bring out placebo effect, which is useful for losing the weight. In spite of their usefulness, FDA does not approve them since they give rise to potential risks of health issues as well as serious side effects.

VelaSmooth and VelaShape –

These are other noninvasive liposuction alternatives.

VelaSmooth reshapes your contour, tightens the skin, and smoothes the cellulite; whereas VelaShape makes the body slimmer by reducing the cellulite.

These devices employ radio frequency waves, infrared light, and gentle massagers to burn the extra fat with proper heating. The only difference is VelaSmooth delivers lower amount of energy and moderate heat as compared to the VelaShape treatment. However, the patient feels comfort in both the treatments.

Thus, these noninvasive liposuction options are widely used and even the commoners are availing themselves the benefits due to the economical fees and quickly visible effects. Nonetheless, it is up to you which procedure to follow considering your personal needs and situations.

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